Know Your Onions range! Choose a book, become an expert

Know Your Onions: Take Note

This note book is for graphic designers and design commissioners. It has 130 tips to help make your life easier and produce better work. But mostly it's a note book.   

Know Your Onions: Graphic Design

This isn't just another design manual. It's a carousing conversation with a bloke who knows his stuff. The book tackles the creative, the business and the beauty of graphic design.

Drew de Soto, founder of Navig8, Creative Director, cigar smoker and Fitzrovian imparts his experience based on 25 years in the design industry. The book covers everything you need to be an up town, top-ranking designer. Chapters include:

  • Thinking
  • Working
  • Designing
  • Layout
  • The principles of typography
  • The principles of spacing with type
  • The principles of punctuation
  • Knowledge of colour
  • Knowledge of reprographics
  • Knowledge of print
  • Knowledge of finishing
  • Knowledge of paper

If you are a graphic designer or someone who works with designers, this little book will transform your understanding of design.

Know Your Onions: Web Design

Jet propel yourself into the driving seat of a top class web designer.

This book sets out the principles and practices of web design. It will help you understand what underpins web structure, design conventions and best practise.

It touches on almost every subject and gives you a complete overview and understanding to deliver outstanding web design. Leaving you to discover the areas you would like to specialise in and go on to build on these firm foundations.

This book is design focused, you will not find one line of code. It takes you through creative thinking, questioning the brief, information architecture, navigation structures, front-end design, dealing with clients and best practice for file management.

If you want to master great website design and build process, understand what makes them tick, then this book is for you.

What to put in your portfolio and get a job: Graphic Design

It's tough out there - Graphic Designers are coming out of the woodwork. Creative Directors and potential employers get bombarded by hopefuls looking for a job.

If you want to stand out and have a chance of landing that dream job, then you need to get yourself and your portfolio in order:

This book will help you do that

What to put in your portfolio and get a job was published by Articul8 Publishing. Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Your book is you
  • It's tough out there
  • I'm out of work
  • Work experience
  • Portfolio formats
  • Make your work interesting Brand yourself
  • Creative
  • Experimental Professional
  • Practical
  • What order should you show your work What not to show
  • Details, details, details Research
  • Go for the job you want Customise
  • Polish
  • The approach
  • The big day
  • Interview them back
  • The follow up
  • Why you didn't get the job
  • Why did you get the job

In the pipeline

We are launching a range of mini-books. We hope to partner with other experts in the creative sector to bring professional insights across a broad range of subjects.

We set up some professional development courses with Middlesex University (London) and are in the process of putting together video modules (Vodules?) covering the topics in the book, Know Your Onions: Graphic Design

This is only an idea  but would it be useful for designers to upload PDFs of their concepts and have the world's best Art Directors offer their advise for a tiddly fee? Anyway, we might do something like that.